China supplier Yuejin Spare Parts Gearbox Zqcas5-25c5sfy gearbox engine

Product Description

Gearbox for YUXIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. 3571        
Part No.:ZQCAS5-25C5SFY
Spe.: 10c*d35mm   

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YC4108Q YC4112ZLQ YC6108Q YC6L330-30   CN490QB YN4100QBZL YN3100QB
YC4108ZQ YC4G210-30 YC6108ZQ YC6M   CN490ZQL YN4100QBZL-2 YN2102QB
YC4110Q YC4F YC6108ZLQB YC2105   YN495QB YN4102QB YN4D32ZL
YC4110ZQ YC4F100-30 YC6112ZQ YC2108   YN4100QB YN4102QBZ YN4D30ZL
YC4110ZLQ YC6105QC YC6112ZLQ YC2115/YC2115ZQ   YN4100QB-2 YN4102QBZL YN4D42ZL
YC4E180-30 YC6105ZQC YC6105ZLQ YC6G240-30   YN4100QBZ YN2100QB  
YC4112ZQ YC6J230-30 YC6L          
WP10 WD615 WD12 WD615-II(2)   BJ491 BJ483 BJ483ZQB(4D22)
QD618         BJ493 BJ493ZQ BJ486ZQ
WX4110 WX4DF2-13 WX6110Z WX6DF2   CYQD32 CY4102BQ CY6102Q
WX4110Z/ZA5 WX4DF3 WX6110ZL WX6DF3   CYQD32T CY4102BZQ CY6102BQ
WX4110ZL WX4DX WX6113(BK) WX6DF2D   CY4100Q CY4102BZLQ CY6102BZQ
WX4113 WX4DX22 WX6113Z(BKZ) WX6DL   CY4100ZLQ CY4102-C3B CY6102BZLQ
WX4113Z WX6110A WX6DF1 WX6DL2   CY4102Q CY4105Q CY6105BQ
WX4DF2 WX6110/125       CY4D47Ti CY4102-C3B  
QC2105 QCN385 QCN485ZLQ QC495Q   EQ491 6BT L345/L300
QC2110 QCN390 QC490 QC495L   EQ491I() 4BT c
QC2115 QC480 QCN490 QC4102Q   EQD6102() 6CT L375
QC380 QC480ZLQ QC490QB     EQ6102DT ISDe180-30 ISLe
QC485 QCN485 QCN490ZLQ     EQ6100 ISBe  
YZ485 YZ4102 YZ4105ZLQ YZ4108   CA498/4D32 CA6110BZ CA6DE1
YZ485ZLQ YZ4102QB YZ4108     CA4D32TC CA6110ZW CA6DE1-24
YZ380 YZ4102ZQ YZ4108ZLQ     CA4D32-09 CA6110ZL(A) CA6DE2
YZ495 YZ4102ZLQ YZ4110     CA4DC2 CA6113 CA6DE3-18E3
YZ4110 YZ4105QF YZ4105QFK     CA4DF2 CA6113B CA6DF1
          CA6110A CA6113BZ CA6DF2
CC485 CC480 CC4L68 CC4L88   4JA1/B1 4BD1 6BD1
ZN490QA         493ZQ/4JB1-T 4BE1 6BG1
  4ZE1 4BG1  
JD295 JD2102 JD2110 TY2100   4BC2 4HF1  
JD2100 JD2105 JD2115 TY2102        

After-sales Service: 12months
Warranty: 12months
Type: Gearbox
Material: Steel
Standard: Standard
Condition: New


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Gearbox Breather: Importance and Function

A gearbox breather, also known as a vent or breather plug, is a vital component in gearboxes that serves the critical function of maintaining internal pressure equilibrium and preventing the entry of contaminants.


The gearbox breather is important for several reasons:

  1. Pressure Equilibrium: During operation, heat generated inside the gearbox causes the air to expand. Without a breather, pressure could build up inside the gearbox, leading to leaks, seal damage, and potential gearbox failure. The breather allows excess air and pressure to escape.
  2. Contamination Prevention: Gearboxes are subjected to various environmental conditions, including temperature changes and humidity. These conditions can lead to the creation of a vacuum inside the gearbox as it cools down. If the gearbox is not properly vented, external air carrying moisture and contaminants can be drawn in when the gearbox cools. A breather provides a controlled entry point for clean, filtered air to enter and equalize the pressure, preventing the intake of harmful contaminants.
  3. Extend Lubrication Life: Maintaining a proper pressure balance through the breather helps to prevent oil leaks and seals from failing, preserving the integrity of the lubrication system. Clean air entering the gearbox through the breather also helps extend the life of the lubricant by reducing its exposure to external contaminants.


The gearbox breather typically consists of a one-way valve and a filtering element. Here’s how it works:

  1. Pressure Release: When the internal pressure inside the gearbox rises due to heat, the one-way valve in the breather opens, allowing excess air to escape and preventing pressure buildup.
  2. Contaminant Prevention: As the gearbox cools down, a vacuum can form inside. The one-way valve closes to prevent the entry of external air and contaminants. Instead, air is drawn in through the filter element, which removes particles and moisture before allowing the air to enter the gearbox.

In conclusion, a gearbox breather is a crucial component that helps maintain pressure equilibrium, prevent contamination, and extend the life of the lubrication system. It plays a vital role in ensuring the reliable and efficient operation of gearboxes, especially in various industrial and automotive applications.

China supplier Yuejin Spare Parts Gearbox Zqcas5-25c5sfy   gearbox engineChina supplier Yuejin Spare Parts Gearbox Zqcas5-25c5sfy   gearbox engine
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